iRely i21

Running on the world's most sophisticated
cloud and mobile technology platform


iRely is a leading global provider of advanced cloud-based and
on-premise industry-specific solutions


Fully integrated ERP solution that serves grain origination, trading, fertilizers, feed management and retail distribution.​


Agricultural and Petroleum cooperatives covering the entire lifecycle of a coop business all under a unified platform.

Commodity Management​

Commodity Procurement, Trading and Risk Management solution for traders and food & beverage manufacturers.​

Petroleum Distribution​

Fully integrated, web-based ERP solution for Petroleum Wholesale, Retail Propane, Card Fueling, Lubricants, and C-stores.

i21 Ease of Use

The modern user interface provides a unique and smooth experience.

i21’s intuitive navigation is quick and straightforward as you open modules, menus, and screens.

Powerful search screens allow for limitless filtering of records with the ability to create custom views.

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Recent News

Where do I stand?

What is it they say about the best-laid plans again? 2019 is the definition of plans gone awry. From trade disputes, to what appears to be a 6th Great Lake forming over the mid-west, this year has something for everyone! After the 4” rain we had the other day, a

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VoIPstudio Integration with i21

VoIPstudio is a hosted VoIP phone system created especially for organizations that are looking for a professional hosted PBX system. iRely integrated VoIPstudio into i21 so that it can be used to help expedite support calls by automatically opening the i21 Entity screen based on the Caller ID.

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Eliminating Unnecessary Miles

Every mile you put on your trucks costs money. Fuel alone costs 30-40% of your cost per mile. Then there is the increased maintenance and repairs, along with capital outlay for new trucks. The most cost and time efficient way to reduce run-outs and off route deliveries is to develop

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iRely is back and finding solid success in Ags and Softs

Patrick Reames from had the opportunity to catch-up with iRely recently, visiting with Meetesh Shah, iRely’s president, and Greg Taylor, an experienced and well-respected CTRM executive serving on the company’s board of advisors. For those that may not be familiar with the company, iRely was founded in the early

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