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VoIPstudio Integration with i21

VoIPstudio is a hosted VoIP phone system created especially for organizations that are looking for a professional hosted PBX system. iRely integrated VoIPstudio into i21 so that it can be used to help expedite support calls by automatically opening the i21 Entity screen based on the Caller ID.

Web Collaboration Portal

iRely’s Web Collaboration Portal allows our Customers to extend business efficiencies beyond their enterprise. Data can now be securely shared with your Customers and Vendors over the internet through a browser in real-time.  Unlike most other software companies, the design of our Web Collaboration Portal is unique. The portal is …

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iRely i21

i21 is a revolutionary, enterprise solution for the Agriculture and Petroleum industries. With Front, Middle and Back office functions spanning Origination, Procurement, Trade, Risk Management, Inventory, Processing, Retail Distribution, CRM and Financial Accounting all on a contemporary, modular, easy to implement and high performance web architecture. i21 Technology 100% browser …

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Business Intelligence

Embedding Business Intelligence (BI) functionality into our solutions creates higher user adoption rates because the visualizations are included within the same environment with which users are already familiar. In addition, embedding reporting, dashboards and analytics functionality in existing applications throughout an organization is an effective way to instill a culture …

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Live Traceability

Traceability from farm to fork is no longer a myth – it has become a real requirement for many industries. i21 incorporates a live graphical traceability module with complete drill downs that allows our Customers and their auditors to conduct recalls within a few seconds. i21 Traceability traces all production …

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i21 CRM

i21 CRM is a fully functional Customer Relationship Management software. Integration with other i21 front-end and back-office modules means from the very first interaction, every aspect of your customer relationship is captured. Providing a 360-degree, single-source of truth, solution able to be leveraged across the business to meet customer needs …

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