Customer Advisory Board (CAB)

CAB is an avenue for our Customers to participate in the direction of iRely’s product roadmap. We believe that our product is like a living entity, dynamic and evolving, much like businesses are never static. The name, Customer Advisory Board, is derived from the fact that we believe our Customers are great contributors to the direction of the product. CAB is a melting pot where great ideas from our Customers converge with iRely’s industry and technology experts into a mutually beneficial path for our product.

CAB is held multiple times a year where our Customers and iRely co-workers get together and have a collaborative exchange and of ideas which then results in the inclusion of agreed-upon features into our product. We follow the agile development methodology to prototype and develop these features into our product, with active ongoing participation from our Customers.

CAB creates a win-win situation for our Customers and iRely. It allows Customers to continually get new functionalities (for the maintenance they pay us) that make their business efficient, without having to create a custom solution. iRely incorporates these features using best in class design and development methodologies in a way that they get mainstreamed into our product that can be upgraded on an ongoing basis (rather than creating a static custom solution).

CAB Objectives

  • iRely Overview (Who We Are)
  • iRely Report Card (How Are We Doing)
  • iRely Direction (Where Are We Going)
  • Meet with industry peers (Network)
  • Spend time with iRely Product Managers and multiple other iRely Co-Workers
  • Mini-Usability Sessions
  • Provide input on the direction of the product
  • Facilitate discussions for improvement to the software
  • Share your views on where the market is going

CAB Encourages

  • Active Communication
  • Active Participation
  • Mutual Learning
  • Better Understanding of Product