User Conference

The iRely User Conference is an avenue for our Customers to participate in the direction of iRely’s product roadmap. We believe that our product is like a living entity, dynamic and evolving, much like businesses are never static. Our user conference is a melting pot where great ideas from our Customers converge with iRely’s industry and technology experts into a mutually beneficial path for our product.

Our Customers and iRely co-workers get together and have a collaborative exchange and of ideas which then results in the inclusion of agreed-upon features into our product. We follow the agile development methodology to prototype and develop these features into our product, with active ongoing participation from our Customers.

This creates a win-win situation for our Customers and iRely. It allows Customers to continually get new functionalities (for the maintenance they pay us) that make their business efficient, without having to create a custom solution. iRely incorporates these features using best in class design and development methodologies in a way that they get mainstreamed into our product that can be upgraded on an ongoing basis (rather than creating a static custom solution).


  • iRely Overview (Who We Are)
  • iRely Report Card (How Are We Doing)
  • iRely Direction (Where Are We Going)
  • Meet with industry peers (Network)
  • Spend time with iRely Product Managers and multiple other iRely Co-Workers
  • Mini-Usability Sessions
  • Provide input on the direction of the product
  • Facilitate discussions for improvement to the software
  • Share your views on where the market is going
  • Active Communication
  • Active Participation
  • Mutual Learning
  • Better Understanding of Product
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