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Young farmer working in a cornfield, inspecting and tuning irrigation center pivot sprinkler system on smartphone.
Fully integrated ERP solution that serves grain origination, trading, fertilizers, feed management and retail distribution.​
Young deli owner holding digital tablet while standing in store. Beautiful saleswoman is examining food on shelves in shop. She is wearing denim overalls.
Commodity Procurement, Trading and Risk Management solution for traders and food & beverage manufacturers.

Web-based ERP solution for Petroleum Wholesale, Retail Propane, Card Fueling, Lubricants, and C-stores.

i21 Ease of Use

The modern user interface provides a unique and smooth experience.

i21’s intuitive navigation is quick and straightforward as you open modules, menus, and screens.

Powerful search screens allow for limitless filtering of records with the ability to create custom views.

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