2022 and Beyond: Set the Stage for Digital Transparency for Commodity Procurement, Buying, or Trading

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Has your business planned for digital transparency?

  • This is the automation of data to guide specific actions of your supply chain and back office operations.
  • Optimize your products, channels, inventory or partners to identify high and low performers.

Have you set the foundation for future Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your systems?

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans.
  • Your various systems must learn how to respond together to certain actions to mimic human intelligence.

Do you have collective systems to manage enterprise risk and optimize the entire business process in tomorrow’s complex environment?

    • A single, integrated, real-time view of all physical and financial transactions coupled with straight-through-processing from front- to back-office.

Have you implemented systems that will evolve and modernize for your AI future of CTRM?

  • Shifting geopolitical landscape and overall demand increases paired with inconsistent supply, and countless other factors have caused mounting pressure for traders, schedulers, back office professionals, and risk managers.
  • iRely i21 CTRM software provides advanced AI integration and analytics to empower companies that extract, process, market, trade, or consume commodities to make informed decisions and take total control over how their businesses grow.

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