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In January 2016 AutoFueling Systems (AFS) and other associated assets of Mekos Corp were acquired by iRely (Press Release), creating the number one billing software provider for Pacific Pride franchises – accounting for nearly 40% of marketers. iRely now serves over 750 customers worldwide, more than 450 of which are in the Energy Business.

Through the years, AFS customers have depended on the features, reliability, and flexibility of AutoFueling’s Cardlock solution and the responsive, useful support they’ve come to expect. This acquisition, and ultimately iRely’s i21 solution, positions AFS customers to experience these same product and service-level hallmarks while managing their business from a next-generation, browser-based solution affording ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to actionable, business-critical information.

If you’re an existing AFS customer and you:

If you’re not an AFS User, click here for more information about solutions for Energy Businesses.

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