A global food and beverage company with sales over $1.4 billion each year manufactures coffee, tea, and bottled water.

Problem: Their previous CTRM system had a lot of performance issues managing position. Futures were managed in Excel spreadsheets. Managing futures in Excel was both time consuming and error prone.

Solution: With their new iRely CTRM, the company manages their green coffee business and positions using contracts and sequences. iRely’s risk management module includes futures, replacing their manual process using Excel spreadsheets.

Benefits: Time saved. The company has significantly reduced the amount of manual work through automated processes and system integrations.
Reduced costs. Automated processes reduce both errors and time spent creating reports.
Custom reports. The company created many custom dashboard panels to ensure they have exactly the reports they need.
Real-time information. They can access the information they need in real time.
Improved futures management. iRely’s risk management module enables easier futures management.

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