FORT WAYNE, Ind., September 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — iRely, LLC, a premier provider of enterprise software for agriculture and commodity trading companies and petroleum distributors, announced increased market interest in its SaaS solutions. iRely’s software was built for both on-premise and SaaS implementations. The company has seen a significant increase in demand for SaaS implementations with enhancements designed to assist organizations that have transitioned to a full or partial work-from-home model.

As the spread of Covid-19 continues, many businesses have transitioned to remote work to ensure employee and customer safety. At the same time, there are concerns about data access, security, and synchronicity. It is imperative that employees working from home have access to the data and systems they need in real time, and that all employees are working with the same information regardless of location, time zone, or distance from each other.

George Olney, president of iRely, said, “The world has changed dramatically in 2020. As our customers continue to work in dynamic and flexible configurations, we need to ensure our software enables them to work efficiently and profitably. iRely delivers the security, stability, and safety our customers need to thrive.”

iRely provides the stability and security companies need to support a profitable and efficient work-from-home model, including:

  • Replicated data for 99.99% uptime using availability zones
  • Near real-time database backups
  • Minimal risk of datacenter failures through redundancy and logical isolation of services
  • Automatic rerouting of software and data if an availability zone goes down
  • Maximum resilience through regional redundancies

To learn more about iRely’s SaaS offerings for petroleum, agriculture and consumer products visit iRely.

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iRely is a leading global supplier of innovative software solutions that help its petroleum, agriculture and consumer products clients manage their core business processes. Based on a single, modern and easy-to-use platform, which can be easily configured to customer requirements, iRely has attracted and retained a large and referenceable customer base over its 30-year history and developed a reputation for its laser focus on customer success.

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