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Fuel Growth with Enterprise Resource Planning 

An enterprise resource planning solution (ERP) helps Fuel Distributors and C-Store managers lead effectively. With data-driven insights, leaders can discover and execute upon growth opportunities. 

For example, while the fuel supply chain is generally standardized, your fuel distribution company can differentiate your offerings by providing exceptional service. Whether that is through real-time information available on a web-portal, customer self-service, electronic invoicing, or regular order notifications, an ERP makes you easy to do business with – and a preferred fuel supplier.  

Make timely decisions to increase efficiency and provide seamless experiences for your employees, customers, and vendors with the use of an ERP, in the following ways: 

1. Have information about all aspects of the company at your fingertips. With a comprehensive ERP and single database model, you can pull reports to learn what’s going on in any portion of your business. Easily access and analyze information about tank equipment history, average fuel sales, convenience store transactions, time-to-pay statistics, and more. 

2. Ease-of-use leads to better information and highly satisfied employees. Leading ERP providers partner with their clients to simplify their business processes, using artificial intelligence solutions, flexibility, intuitive user interfaces, and simple workflow steps. ERP solutions with simple processes, easy-to-find information, and efficient transactions can contribute to employees feeling confident in their work. 

3. Define where the work gets done based on your current needs. When work can be completed faster, the information available for decision-making is more relevant and actionable. Specialized ERP solutions should be customized to help you manage your fuel distribution or c-store organization according to your pricing, delivery, and general business strategies. As a result, your company will be equipped to adapt to an evolving energy and convenience landscape.  

A software solution should allow you to make efficient and effective business decisions. iRely is an innovative software partner serving the petroleum industry for over 30 years. Our software solutions help petroleum distributors and C-stores simplify core business processes within a single, easy-to-use system, customized to meet your needs. Check out our guide that demonstrates how the right ERP solution provides a wide range of information at your fingertips, allowing you to make faster and smarter decisions. 

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