ctrm implementation

Software implementations can be challenging. Listen to this new CTRM Center podcast where iRely’s head of CTRM implementations joins experts from Essentia Advisory Partners, FORRS, and Capco to discuss critical success factors in CTRM implementations.

Implementation tips for success include:

  • Ensuring you have support for the new software from your executive team, senior business users, and super users. If leadership demonstrates their commitment to the new system, the rest of the organization will follow their lead
  • Developing clearly defined business objectives for the project. Nothing derails an implementation faster than discovering the project won’t meet your needs because the team is not aligned
  • Creating a clear, realistic plan for the project. Don’t create unrealistic timelines that set you up to fail. Share this timeline with all parties and ensure you are all aligned. Include a clearly defined plan for data migration from legacy systems
  • Choosing more out of the box features and minimizing customizations. When you start adding custom features, you can lose control of the project. Scope creep becomes a problem, and budgets and deadlines can explode

Listen to this podcast episode to learn more.

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