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Wholesale Transports

From initial order to filing taxes, iRely has you covered. Set pricing and margins, calculate freight costs, monitor multi-state tax calculations, print and submit necessary tax documents, and track inventory in our i21 software.

Propane & Fuel Delivery

With i21, consolidating and tracking all your data has never been easier. Quickly account for how many gallons you have on-hand, in the bulk plant, and in trucks; know where all your tanks are, when they need maintenance, and if you’re generating a profit; and collect and file all tax information in a matter of minutes.

Card Lock

Automate all your day-to-day transactions with our card fueling software. i21 integrates with all major card fueling networks and proprietary card solutions, allowing you to track your card, billing, and credit management information in a single system.

Lubricants Distribution

i21 provides a comprehensive solution for lubricants distribution. Using our software, your team can manage inventory, quickly substitute items, store blending formulas, import and automate vendor and special pricing, guard your margins, track sales contracts, and seamlessly enter and monitor rebates and buybacks.

Convenience Stores

With i21 Convenience Store Pro software, you can be confident every penny is present and accounted for. Our solution makes it easy to ensure you’re making the most of your floor space, and efficiently and effectively setting and managing the margins of every product in your store.

iRely is ERP Software to Rely On!

Through iRely’s enterprise software, we added a lot of functionality that really helps our business processes. We worked through the BPR and developed a great plan with the iRely Implementation Team, who made the entire software conversion extremely simple. We had minimal incremental development needs, and were able to easily download information for reconciliation. i21 is so user-friendly and our staff was able to pick it up very quickly!

– Jimmy McDonald and Ann Pruitt
Quality Oil & Gas

Unmatched Solutions for Petroleum Distributors

Unlike other enterprise software solutions, our i21 software guarantees:
Our streamlined and custom-tailored Business Process Review (BPR) allows our experts to partner with your team, evaluate and map your business processes, compare your processes to industry best practices, and design an ideal implementation solution.
Our state-of-the-art User Acceptance Program (UAP) provides superior quality control by targeting specific usage patterns, testing custom features, and automating your testing environment.
As large corporations continue to buy out smaller companies, petroleum distributors are forced to search for more reliable, long-term software solutions. Unlike others in the market, we are privately owned with a long-term ownership plan, so we’re guaranteed to be here for decades to come.
i21 allows you to track and control every aspect of your petroleum, propane, lubricants, and C-store business operations with an intuitive interface that our customers love. Our software is scalable and unified, offering a complete set of financial tools, CRM, and industry-specific functions designed to help maximize profits and ensure exceptional customer service. When it comes to consolidating your existing software components into one integrated, workflow-based system that maximizes operational efficiency, we’re the most complete solution on the market.
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