Grain Management Software

Automate the tracking of current positions, hedging activities, futures, options and other non-cash transactions.

Grain Origination​

Provides grain elevators, feed mills and commodity management groups the power to simplify these activities.

Mitigate Risk​

Mitigate risk associated with government regulations, shrink and market forces. 

Deep Visibility​

Gain the ability to seek out every opportunity actively, never miss a price move, and in turn, operate your grain business at a higher level of profitability.

Drill Down

A unique feature is the ability to quickly drill down and access information without interfering or closing what you are doing.

Customer Portal

The Collaboration Portal offers your customers web access to account information, paying bills and staying current with their company information.

Contract Management​

Manage commodity, quantity, price, delivery form, price basis, freight basis, market zone, options and verbiage on the contract quickly and easily.

Live DPR

Live DPR (Daily Position Report) shows you what effect every transaction has on your position and allows easy access to all the information you need.

Improve Risk Management

Enter hedges in the system by broker, commodity, and period. With iRely you can easily access options, target pricing, and hedges by quickly “drilling down” into the system.

Automate Target Pricing

iRely Target Pricing was built to excel at harvest time to help make quick decisions when the time is scarce, and volume is high.

Optimize storage and handling

  • Manage multiple types of receipted and non-receipted storage.
  • Customer grain bank take outs, selling a stored commodity, applying storage to contract, transferring storage.
  • Calculating storage charges, DP service fees, and collateral receipts are all handled within iRely.
  • Setup storage schedules to your specifications.
  • Generate your DP/NPE/price-later-contracts as well as grain bank statements.
  • Offsite commodities are tracked in detail by ticket for easy reconciliation when a commodity is sold.
  • The nature of the offsite storage correctly affects your company titled stock (DP vs. Storage).
  • In-transit loads are also tracked in detail by ticket, so you NEVER lose a load.

Other Features

Take Advantage of Options Trading

Use the Options Position report to balance your risk during market movement. iRely Agriculture software allows for pricing of options and generation of settlement to a customer’s account. You can charge option fees to a customer’s accounts receivable, deduct from a future settlement, or reduce the contract price.​

Automate and speed up your Scales​​

iRely Ticket Management instantly updates the grading information and calculates the ticket discounts and shrinks. For large grain operations, our software offers an unattended scale solution.

Transfer commodities with ease​

iRely handles multiple scale ticket types: inbound, outbound, transfers, and memo tickets. Transfer tickets can be used to quickly update your position when moving commodity from one location to another.

Go Green

iRely Agriculture software takes a Green approach. Attach documents easily throughout iRely and only print what is necessary. Electronically distribute contracts, settlements, invoices, and DP agreements. Ability to EFT/ACH grain payments; and your customers can view their information online through the collaboration portal. 

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