Advanced Features for Food & Beverage Manufacturers

Manage the entire commodity procurement lifecycle, including procurement, logistics, trading, supply chain planning, and processing. Use iRely’s advanced modules for recipe management, blending support, automatic inventory management, quality parameters support, and forward and reverse traceability. 

Recipe Management


  • Define recipes by percentages
  • Define seasonal input materials by validity period (e.g 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving)
  • Outline substitute materials for main input materials along with substitution ratios
  • Configure quality properties for relevant items




Traceability and Tracking

Track byproducts and low-grade items by defining output items.

Trace each raw material as it is consumed until it is shipped out as a finished goods. View key information like quality details and lot details at any stage (e.g. receipt, blending, packaging, etc.)

Trace finished goods back to raw material lots. Key information like quality details and lot details can be viewed at any stage (e.g. receipt, blending, packaging, etc.)


  • Create blend and finished goods work orders automatically from sales orders
  • Support non-lot tracked items in real-time blending process
  • Improve quality and increase efficiency. Kit and stage input items for a blend work order at the warehouse for direct blending 


Quality Control

Define receipt and production quality profiles for an item or category

Remotely manage lot adjustments, lot movements, lot splits, label printings, sample entries, etc.

Upgrade or downgrade items based on quality results

Automate discount schedules based on quality grades of the commodity

Automatic Inventory

  • Print bar code labels automatically as blends get produced
  • Print bar code labels automatically as finished goods get produced
  • Move lots between storage locations remotely
  • Pick lots for production remotely
  • Stage lots for shipping remotely, without having to visit warehouse office computers for data entry
  • Use handheld devices for inventory functions
  • Manage in-transit inventory for full visibility of all owned inventory






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