Improve Efficiency and Risk Management with iRely's CTRM Software

Do you need a comprehensive commodity management system? If you are still using spreadsheets and disconnected trading systems, you are spending too much time manually manipulating data. 

In today’s volatile commodity markets, you need a powerful, flexible and comprehensive commodity trading platform. iRely’s CTRM software covers the entire lifecycle of trading, including procurement, logistics, trade management, traceability, futures and options, and risk management.

Trade smarter and faster with iRely.

Multi-commodities, multi-companies, multi-currencies, and multi-languages can all be configured across your organization by user and by company.

Physical Trade

  • Configure alerts such as price fixation, shipment/delivery status, and quality status to ensure you’re meeting customer obligations.
  • Use the flexible contract inquiry to identify sales opportunities.
  • Easily enter contracts with our intuitive user interface. Ensure your position is always current.
  • Evaluate and actively manage your position at any point in time.
  • Increase efficiency with customized views for each trader, enabling them to focus on just the products or counterparties they are responsible for.
  • Avoid duplicate sales. Reserve inventory while waiting for customer sample approvals or buying decisions,
  • Monitor price to be fixed position to ensure responsible parties are locking in prices within contractual parameters, avoiding futures liquidity traps and unwanted risk.
  • Gain unique visibility to manage risk and track your position through appropriate futures or delta-equivalent options hedging.
  • Upload settlement prices to facilitate mark to market and brokerage statement confirmation.
  • Analyze realized and unrealized profitability over user-defined time periods to avoid month-end profitability surprises.
  • Record GTC orders with reminders when market breaches order levels.
  • View market exposure in real time.
  • Evaluate counterparty risk.
  • Analyze risk position in one report with drill-down capability to the contract level.
  • Apply mark to market on physical contracts and monitor mark to market on demand.
  • Mark allocated contracts to each other or to the market and override market values when appropriate for specific contracts.

Supply Chain Management


Inventory Management

Quality Management

Financial Management

  • Perform essential accounting functions and seamlessly link transactions to your accounting system.
  • Issue accurate invoices to customers consistent with the contract, fixation, and delivery parameters.
  • Record costs against contracts to manage actual versus budget and to monitor contract profitability.
  • Issue debit notes for weight claims.
  • Accurately monitor your profitability by contract.
  • account for all costs, including those relating to shipment and delivery.
  • When lines of credit are scarce, ensure you have the visibility to use them for your most profitable business.
  • Create custom reports for your specific business needs.
  • Export data into pivot tables and manipulate that information any way you need.
  • Use flexible ‘Grid’ reporting with SQL queries.
  • Use our audit log to oversee the organization and manage by exception.
  • Log all transactions and actions impacting inventory, including the end of shift data. Access this data on demand. 
  • Use audit trail to control recipe release and identify precise components of any product produced on any day.
  • Generate real-time reports of production results, inventory, quality and more.

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