CTRM for Coffee

Manage all the unique nuances of coffee trading with iRely’s i21.

20+ Years of Coffee Expertise

Leverage iRely’s 20+ years of best practices in coffee trading. Find better buying opportunities. Improve contract management. Use real-time views into position risk to improve risk management. Gain more control over position, inventory, finances and hedging. 

Automate processes to reduce the time your team wastes managing contracts. Reduce errors caused by manual reporting and calculate valuations faster and more accurately. 

Increase the availability of information to all users, and gain efficiency through integrated systems with advanced contract status views and drill downs throughout iRely’s CTRM system.

CTRM for coffee

Standard Features

  • Contract Management and Price Fixation
  • Futures (hedging, discretionary futures, options)
  • Link Physical Contracts to Futures Contracts 
  • Extensive Traffic Management (shipments, containers, ability to have multiple deliveries on one DO)
  • Sampling and Approval
  • Invoicing
  • Costing
  • Finance Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Demand Planning
  • Risk/Position Management (combining physicals and futures position on one view with the ability to assign deltas to various grades)
  • Mark to Market
  • Claims Management
  • Extensive Reports and Inquiries with drill down
  • Electronic Generation and Filing of all Procurement Related Documentation
  • Integration to Price Feeds, Accounting Systems, ERP, etc (external systems)
  • Traceability  

Our Comprehensive Platform

Additional Features

  • Vendor Portal
  • Robust Security Management
  • Management Dashboard
  • CRM
  • Document Management System
  • Major Emphasis on User Experience
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