CTRM Standard Features

iRely’s commodity management software covers the entire lifecycle of commodity-based businesses, including procurement, logistics, trading (buy-to-trade), processing (buy-to-make), supply chain (grow to fork) and finance (regulatory and internal).

Contract Management

Create, manage, execute and analyze contracts with ease. Configure alerts such as price fixation, shipment/delivery status, and quality status to ensure you meet customer obligations. Identify sales opportunities with i21’s flexible contract inquiry. Ensure your position is always up to date and gain a more accurate view of risk. Drive counterparty collaboration with online portal.

Risk Management

Evaluate credit risks in real time. Always meet regulatory requirements. Receive exception alerts for instant notification when there are issues. Gain real-time views of position and mark-to-market. View market exposure in real time and tackle counterparty risk. See risk position in a single report with drill-down capabilities to the contract level. Evaluate credit risk in real time. Leverage enhanced BI for P & L attribution, margin analysis, stress testing and more.

Position Management

Create customized views so individual traders can focus on only the products or counterparties they are responsible for, increasing their efficiency. Reserve inventory while waiting for customer sample approvals or buying decisions to avoid duplicate sales of the same parcel. Monitor prices to ensure responsible parties are locking in prices within contractual parameters, avoiding futures liquidity traps and unwanted risk.

Futures and Options

Track your position through appropriate futures or delta-equivalent options hedging. Upload settlement prices to facilitate mark to market and brokerage statement confirmation. Analyze realized and unrealized profitability over user-defined time periods to avoid month-end profitability surprises. Record GTC orders with reminders when market breaches order levels.


Generate required documents while simultaneously updating the status of each parcel including shipping instructions, shipping advice, release orders and more. Track multiple shipments against each contract. Verify shipped weights and automate the claims process.

Inventory Management

Use real-time and flexible views of inventory for a complete understanding of your position. Leverage opportunities and sell more aggressively. Drill down to the lot level as needed to support both sales and financial detail requirements.

Quality Management

Manage the endless flow of specimens and automatically track all outgoing samples and follow-ups. Ensure delivery and invoicing is not delayed and new sales can be executed promptly against offers. Check nearby deals to make sure required samples have been sent, avoiding costly delays. Document quality results for future reference and to support price adjustments when needed.

Real-time Accounting

Have all  transactions update accounting entries in real time. Issue accurate invoices consistent with contracts, fixation, and delivery parameters. Record costs against contracts to manage actual versus budget and monitor contract profitability. Issue debit notes for weight claims.

Mark to Market

Apply mark to market on physical contracts. Mark allocated contracts to each other or to the market. Override market values when appropriate for specific contracts. Quickly monitor your mark to market daily.

Profitability Tracking

Accurately monitor your profitability by contract.Account for all costs, including those relating to shipment and delivery. Ensure that you have the visibility to secure lines of credit for your business.


Create the reports you need. View integrated financials and custom dashboards to analyze the information you need to make critical decisions. Use advance BI for P&L attribution, margin analysis, stress testing and more. Export data into pivot tables and manipulate that information if you prefer.

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