CTRM Benefits

Increase profits, reduce risk and make better decisions with iRely’s i21.

Increase Profits

  • Identify more buying opportunities
  • Create more accurate cost forecasting to avoid surprises and to test the impact of possible market scenarios for contingency business planning
  • Increase time spent on value added management of your business with significant time savings from
  • Reducing the number and scale of errors associated with data entry
  • Eliminating time and effort calculating valuations
  • Use freed resources for alternative planning scenarios and other value-added activities
  • Significantly enhance performance measurement of suppliers to influence procurement decisions and drive continuous improvement
  • Accurately assign responsibility where it belongs, e.g. on Grower, Vendor, or Shipping Line as appropriate

Reduce Risk

  • Use integrated, live risk management reporting to know your position in real time.
  • Use mark to market for open contracts for enhanced risk management
  • Ensure consistency by using actual real-time transaction data, not collecting data from separate spreadsheets with the possibility of inconsistent data and errors.
  • Reduce Market, Credit and Operational Risk. Gain the levels of control, efficiency, and flexibility you need to manage risk.  
  • Evaluate counterparty exposure to ensure your business is running risk free and within limits stipulated by your finance department

Make Better Decisions

  • Provide real-time information to all users through our unified business system.  
  • Use our advanced contract status views and drill downs to make better decisions. 
  • Use real-time alerts to drive focus to issues so you can respond rapidly. 
  • Ensure accurate derivative positions are captured with our broker statement reconciliation

Enhance Financial Management

  • Use mark to market for inventory and open orders 
  • Employ accrual processes based on anticipated vs actual costs at month end 
  • Use real-time accounting entries for consistent data and accounting results without dual entry of transactions

Improve Logistics

  • Automate logistics updates across all shipments to enable proactive measures to issues
  • Avoid out of stocks, improve customer service, and increase efficiency in plant operations
  • Use automatic, digital document tracking
  • Gain more efficient and enhanced processing of ocean freight and other service costs
  • Track and trace commodities forward and backwards
  • Track and control warehouse and afloat/in-transit inventory data, including pier, vessel, trucker, arrival dates, and FDA releases

Manage Documents in One Place

  • Create a central repository for all documents, eliminating shared drives
  • Use automatic document collection for all configured documents (contract print, price fixation letter print, shipping instruction, instore letter) when you send them to the respective counterparty via email
  • Create a custom hierarchy of folders that fits your business. Create a folder for each contract with subfolders for contract print, price fixations, shipping instructions, etc.
  • Connect a scanner to scan all documents directly sent to the document management system

Collaborate on Web Portal

  • Enable business parties to log in, view and update their transactions
  • Allow vendors to electronically countersign contracts
  • View the results of samples sent
  • View the status of pending invoices (all unpaid invoices)
  • Enable logistics service providers to update estimated arrival dates of vessels

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