Commodity Procurement

in the Food and Beverage Industry

Food and beverage manufacturing has never been more challenging. Consumer preferences are changing, with an increased focus on healthier foods with sustainable sourcing, production, and packaging. Traceability is essential to confirm sustainable sourcing, ensure safety, and provide provenance.

Commodity procurement is tricky. You need real-time visibility into commodity supply chains for an accurate view on spend and variance deviations, often for multiple commodities from multiple countries for different business units and products. You need real-time position reports on-demand to minimize risk.

At iRely, we understand food and beverage manufacturing. Our software was developed for food manufacturing, and we have been helping some of the world’s largest food manufacturers for over 20 years.

Confectionary Company Transforms Business Processes

One of the world’s largest chocolate manufacturers needed a new commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) solution. Learn how how a Fortune 500 food manufacturer improved risk management with iRely.

Commodity Sourcing

Reduced Risk

Real-time Traceability

Food and Beverage CTRM Benefits

  • Gain real-time visibility to production forecasts and coverage
  • Adjust supply to meet production with visibility to inbound shipments
  • Understand your costs with full allocation of costs to materials
  • Use alerts and approvals to ensure your team knows when events impact position
  • Make better decisions based upon vendor performance reporting
  • Know the quality of your ingredients and manage them through the contract lifecycle
  • Reduce production delays due to commodity shortages
  • Improve net margins by managing commodity pricing spikes and dips

“The functionality is more user friendly and faster with iRely, and I see more potential to shift tasks so we can reallocate or reduce headcount.” Large Food Manufacturer

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