Cocoa Trading

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Nearly two-thirds of the world’s cocoa beans come from West Africa, but chocolate is manufactured primarily in Europe and North America. Cocoa travels great distances, increasing risk. At the same time, chocolate producers must procure additional commodities – including sugar, dairy, edible oils, nuts – to manufacture their products.

At iRely, we have a deep understanding of the cocoa industry, and are proud to support some of the largest chocolate companies in the world. With our commodity management software, you can manage multiple commodities across multiple business units, geographies, and languages, in one system.

Solutions for Every Aspect of Your Cocoa Business

iRely’s CTRM for cocoa covers the entire cocoa trading lifecycle, including procurement, logistics, trading (buy to trade), processing (buy to make), distribution, and integrated risk management.


Cocoa Traders

Manage multiple commodities in one system, monitor position in real time and better manage hedging and risk.

Cocoa Manufacturers

Automate workflows and manage contracts, derivatives, and position in one system in real time. Save time and gain efficiency.


Manage Multiple Commodities All in One System

Cocoa CTRM Benefits

iRely is a market leader in providing cocoa software solutions. We understand the nuances of cocoa and have more than 20 years of cocoa experience.

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