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Cotton is a global commodity, with robust trading in both raw and finished products. Much of the world’s cotton crosses international borders before arriving at its end-use destination, and factors that affect trade and marketing of cotton have far-reaching impacts. The price of cotton is also determined by many factors, including the price of other field crops that compete with cotton for area and the cost of fiber substitutes (particularly polyester and other synthetics). Cotton trading has unique requirements that many CTRM systems struggle to cover, including tracking physical trading, logistics and accounting down to the individual bale level.

With iRely, you can manage the entire cotton supply chain across multiple business units, geographies, and languages in one system. Our integrated accounting lets you view profit and loss reporting in real time, so you can evaluate expenses, changes in market prices and bale redemptions every day.

Traceability & Tracking

• Track contracts, inventory, and premiums by quality attributes, including color, micronaire, strength and more down to the individual bale
• Trace lots through your entire process, whether they get split, merged or damaged
• Track, measure, evaluate and manage trading positions to minimize risks. Align revenue and costs to ensure tight fiscal control
• Track certificates across contracts, ensure all mandatory documents are attached before shipments are processed and set renewal notifications before certificates expire

Inventory & Logistics

Financial Management

  • Allocate bales or group various bales together for organizational purposes. Filter by warehouse, group, quality group, status, contract, etc. Average the qualities and various specifications of bales for a group or selection of bales
  • Automatically manage all warehouse tariffs, including USDA/ CSA rates for cotton within the equity CCC loan program.
  • Add premiums and discounts for a range of attributes and units, including location, crop year, staple and color grade
  • Instantly view P&L, hedging, and Mark-to-Market, including logistics costs
  • Generate position and cash flow reports on demand
  • Provide real-time reports to counterparties, banks and insurance companies for greater transparency

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