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All-in-One Petroleum Distribution Software for Petroleum Marketers & C-store Offices

iRely’s petroleum accounting software is more than a software, it’s a comprehensive solution ideally suited for multi-line petroleum wholesalers, propane distributors, carriers and convenience store management. Our petroleum ERP is built on a modern technology stack that’s deep, yet broad. With a complete set of native accounting financial tools, CRM and industry-specific functions, you can trust iRely to deliver a smarter way to improve your operational efficiencies, saving you time and money. Add our best-in-class implementation, responsive service and state-of-the art automated quality control, and you’ll be well-prepared to maximize profits!

Solutions for Every Aspect of Your Petroleum & C-store Business

iRely provides a complete solution for wholesale transportation, propane and fuel delivery, lubricants distribution, convenience store management, and card lock systems.

Wholesale Transports

From initial order to filing taxes, iRely has you covered. Set pricing and margins, calculate freight costs, monitor multi-state tax calculations, print and submit necessary tax documents, and track inventory.
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Propane & Fuel Delivery

With iRely, consolidating and tracking all your data has never been easier. Quickly account for how many gallons you have on-hand, in the bulk plant, and in trucks. Know where all your tanks are, when they need maintenance, and if they are generating a profit. Collect and file all tax information in a matter of minutes.
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Convenience Stores

With iRely, you can be confident every penny is present and accounted for. Our solution makes it easy to ensure you’re making the most of your floor space, and efficiently and effectively managing the margins of every product in your store.
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Lubricants Distribution

Using our software, your team can manage inventory, quickly substitute items, and even store blending formulas. Import and automate vendor and special pricing, guard your margins, track sales contracts, and seamlessly enter and monitor rebates and buybacks.
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Card Lock

Automate all your day-to-day transactions with our card fueling software. iRely integrates with all major card fueling networks and proprietary card solutions, allowing you to track your card, billing, and credit management information in a single system.
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Simplify Delivery Processes with Mobile Billing

iRely’s application-based mobile capabilities can run on mobile phones and tablets, saving valuable resources and time for your company, your drivers, and your payment cycle.

How Might CFOs Lead Their Petro Business to Success?

Learn how an ERP solution can help generate profits, manage risk, and navigate the future of your Petro business.

The iRely Framework

Global Software Features

As with any investment, we understand that you expect to purchase a software where cost can be leveraged across multiple vertical solutions, giving you better function at lower total cost of ownership. The iRely framework provides you with:

Curious about what makes our software an all-in-one solution?

Petroleum Distribution and C-store Software to Rely On

While other petroleum distribution and C-store software may claim to provide an all-in-one solution, iRely’s operational and financial system sets itself apart through:

Decades of exceptional service and support

iRely has over 130 employees, 85% of which are customer-facing. We know a thing or two about exceptional customer service!

A long-term ownership plan with no external funding

Unlike other software companies, iRely is here to stay. We’re not going anywhere!

Superior financial detail and access

Our software was created by accountants, and provides native accounting with item level cost controls.

A deeply experienced implementation and support team

We have over 30 years of experience in petroleum, propane and c-store software.

Customer data driven acceptance testing

Our Automated Quality Control and Business Process Review are unique to the industry, and give your company the extra attention it deserves.

One reconciled source of truth for operations and financials

iRely’s comprehensive solution consolidates your financials and operations in one place. No need to look for another software!

Considering the switch to a new ERP software?

Transitioning to a new ERP solution can be intimidating. At iRely, we make it easy to set up and begin using your new software through our detailed Business Process Review. Contact our team to learn more about our seamless integration approach.

Trusted by hundreds of petroleum distributors nationwide.

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