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Actionable Insights with Our Convenience Store Software

Keep your margins high, inventory stocked and customers satisfied with our C-store Software. 

Whether you operate a few stores or many, your priorities remain the same: increase revenue, improve the customer experience, meet customer demand and keeping prices low. To do this, you need a data-driven ERP software that provides actionable insights to keep your store competitive and customers happy. iRely’s Convenience Store Software does this and more, helping you to take control of your cash, manage your managers and optimize your inventory.

 Using iRely, you can be confident every penny is present and accounted for, ensure you’re making the most of your floor space and efficiently and effectively set and manage the margins of every product in your store. 

Price Control When You Need it Most


No longer do you need to adjust prices at each store and tie up your POS. The Pricebook gives you the power and flexibility to manage your prices and ensure you are attaining the highest margins possible for every item in your store. Manage pricing at item-level, by department, or both. iRely also allows you to store information on Blue Laws and customer age requirements, and flag cashiers when they attempt to sell a restricted item, helping you avoid costly fines.

With i21, you have complete control of your margins and your prices. The i21 Price Definitions Tool allows you to automate your margins based on rules you set. Want to achieve a 38 percent margin across a family of products, or ensure a particular amount of profit on a specific UPC? i21 makes these profit goals a reality. Set margins based on criteria, and beginning and ending dates to make sure you never miss out on a penny.

i21 enables you to automate pricing company-wide, allowing you to focus more of your attention on optimizing your gross margins. With i21, you can quickly and systematically uncover the price elasticity of critical products, and gain insight into what price point your customers stop buying. By applying our Price Definitions Tool and checking progress through the Item Movement History, you can discover the optimal price for essential products in your markets.

More Features

  • Reconcile your cash with external transactions, such as credit cards, coupons and store deposits.
  • Flow information from store to home office, saving time and eliminating double-entry errors.
  • Ensure only those who should have access to specific menus and reports have access.
  • Confirm all of the correct information is being transferred to and from stores and the home office with our intuitive Manager’s Task List.
  • Push price changes out to stores, and pull inventory and sales information into the home office.
  • Check for open checkouts, and manage your period and shift inventory counts.
  • Make sure you have the data you need, when you need it, to make the right decisions for your stores.
  • Electronically capture tasks that require physical records at the store level and send them to the home office.
  • Enter invoices, employee work hours, and inventory counts to flow through payables, payroll and general ledger.
  • Saves on travel time to and from stores and eliminate errors and paper waste.
  • Push information and change prices out to the stores electronically.
  • Manage inventory by item level, retail/cost by department, or both at the same time.
  • Closely monitor essential merchandise and manage the rest by exception.
  • Receive electronic invoices from vendors by item, retail/cost by department, or both.
  • Check invoices against actual items received and request credit memos from vendors for discrepancies.
  • Save time and money across stores as this data moves electronically to the home office.
  • Decide which items remain on your shelves, and which ones don’t make it into the store.
  • Leverage your sales and purchases history to make informed decisions on how to maximize your floor space.
  • Store, cross reference and track NACS categories alongside your own.
  • Compare your performance against industry performance to remain competitive.
  • Analyze POS and inventory data to ensure that you are receiving your margins on every item leaving your stores.
  • Use physical inventory counts to identify high-risk merchandise and begin tracking these at item level while conducting the more frequent shift physical counts.
  • Take advantage of iRely’s robust reporting tools to identify problem employees and customers, enabling you to take proper action quickly.

iRely Also Offers Solutions for Every Aspect of Your Petroleum Business

iRely provides a complete solution for wholesale transportation, propane and fuel delivery, lubricants distribution,  and card lock system.

Wholesale Transports

From initial order to filing taxes, iRely has you covered. Set pricing and margins, calculate freight costs, monitor multi-state tax calculations, print and submit necessary tax documents, and track inventory.
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Propane & Fuel Delivery

With iRely, consolidating and tracking all your data has never been easier. Quickly account for how many gallons you have on-hand, in the bulk plant, and in trucks. Know where all your tanks are, when they need maintenance, and if they are generating a profit. Collect and file all tax information in a matter of minutes.
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Lubricants Distribution

Using our software, your team can manage inventory, quickly substitute items, and even store blending formulas. Import and automate vendor and special pricing, guard your margins, track sales contracts, and seamlessly enter and monitor rebates and buybacks.
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Card Lock

Automate all your day-to-day transactions with our card fueling software. iRely integrates with all major card fueling networks and proprietary card solutions, allowing you to track your card, billing, and credit management information in a single system.
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