Lubricants Distribution Software

Easily control your inventory including committed and on-order inventory. Accurately account for costs and inventory items in real-time. Streamline your daily tasks, know your costs, and instantly calculate customer pricing. Quickly file vendor rebates/buybacks.

Inventory Maintenance

  • Clear, concise and real-time answers to inventory questions.
  • Simple and accurate tracking and accounting of inventory items.
  • Extensive library of pre-built reports and a comprehensive set of tools to build custom reports.

Substitute Items

  • Increase sales through quick identification of compatible substitute items.
  • Group like-items together making it easier to create sales orders.
  • Track products by their product name and via an additional, searchable lookup field.

Item Blends

  • Create and store blending formulas within the system.
  • Achieve accurate cost and margin tracking by including not only raw materials but labor and packaging in formula pricing.
  • Know what is on-hand and what needs to be purchased to complete an order.
  • Automatically relieve raw material inventory and add to finished goods waiting to be shipped and invoiced after a product is blended.

Electronic Pricing Imports

  • Receive vendor pricing, make mass price changes and import them into i21.
  • Pricing flows through both raw materials and finished goods to orders and invoices to save time and provide accurate pricing at guaranteed margins.
  • Import pricing on your schedule and ensure margins will not be lost by leveraging “effective date” functionality.
  • Communicate cost and price changes to your customers in advance.
  • Utilize current or future (pre or post-effective date) pricing on quotes and store them to be turned into an order.

Special Pricing

  • Automate pricing and guard margin to out-price your competition through lower prices or more pricing options.
  • Establish pricing by customer, product, or class of product. Prices can be fixed or float with cost or current selling price.
  • Intelligent pricing allows entire classes to be set at fixed or floating prices with specific items within a class to be set to a different type of pricing criteria. 
  • i21 searches first for special pricing on an individual item then, if no special pricing is set for the item, the system will use the special price set for the class.

Sales Contracts

  • Create and automate contract pricing.
  • Track prepaid, dollar, and regular contracts.
  • Automatically track and apply dollar and gallon limits to ensure pricing and margins are calculated correctly under contract terms.
  • Achieve better risk hedging and cash flow forecasting.

Rebates and Buybacks

  • Eliminate spreadsheets and other methods of manually tracking qualified transactions.
  • Speed the time and accuracy involved in data entry and receipt of rebate funds. Enter sales transactions; i21 will identify the eligible transactions and creates the appropriate file to upload to the vendor’s site. The vendor’s site then processes the file and credits/pays you the rebates.
  • Ensure an accurate COGS with sales analysis reports that include vendor rebates in the gross margin calculations.
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