Propane & Fuel Delivery Software

Easily account for how many gallons you have on-hand, in the bulk plant, and in the trucks. Know where all tanks are, when they need maintenance, and if you’re generating a profit on them. Collect and file all tax information in a matter of minutes. Consolidate and track all your data in one place.

Tank and Delivery Management

  • i21 tracks equipment history down to the device/appliance level!
  • Eliminate the need to wonder if you are losing tanks, generating a profit or have performed the appropriate device checks for each tank.
  • Easily track insurance and government required events such as tank painted, gas checks, and leak checks.

Consumption Site Tracking

  • A consumption site is a collection of all the tanks, regulators, appliances, event history, and fill information at a location.
  • Simplify route planning, customer billing, and inventory management.
  • Quickly locate equipment, see if it’s deployed and easily reassign it with or without impacting billing.
  • Perform services more efficiently by knowing every event to be performed on a site.

Trend Identification

  • Uncover trends, spot trouble areas, and take corrective action with a suite of in-depth reports.
  • Identify profitability trends by comparing loaned equipment costs to resulting sales.
  • Compare current versus prior sales to uncover down or lost business.
  • Ensure your loaned equipment continues to serve you for years to come with integrated maintenance schedules.

Optimize Deliveries

  • Optimize routes, drivers, inventory, and deliveries based on actual customer usage rates.
  • Save time and effort through the automatic population of usage history from sales ticket entries.
  • Deliver based on will call, keep full, degree day, scheduled intervals, and tank monitors
  • i21 assists in making sure you have the correct amount of fuel in the trucks to service your routes and avoid making deliveries at odd hours due to run-outs.
  • Track information on tank capacity, reserve, days between deliveries, last gallons in the tank, YTD gallons this season and last season, burn rates, and delivery dates.
  • Adjust burn rates based on actual consumption and place date-sensitive holds for customers on vacation or winterized properties.
  • Assign consumption sites to fill groups, and each day, print a Fill Report that details which customers to visit and how much fuel to deliver by route.

Improve Inventory Tracking

  • Make more informed purchasing decisions by tracking inventory (on-hand, committed, and on-order), reorder points and minimum order quantities.
  • i21 allows you to conduct physical inventories at any time during the month to identify and resolve problems sooner and save time at month-end.
  • Create and store blending formulas in i21.
  • Lessen the need for storage tanks and simplify inventory by blending products at the truck instead of storing them in individual tanks.
  • Improving inventory tracking and eliminating paper trails by electronically transferring inventory from site to site or a retail location.
  • Improve profitability by reallocating purchases per location, transferring and tracking inventory in your trucks and identify intentional or unintentional shrinkage quickly and objectively.
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