Wholesale Transports Software

i21 Wholesale fuel software streamlines your processes from the moment you get an order to the point that you file taxes.

Customer Pricing

  • i21 gives you the ability to offer customers the pricing options they demand while ensuring the margins you desire.
  • Eliminate pricing spreadsheets and automatically calculate pricing at invoice or order creation.
  • Easily override calculated pricing when required.

Automate Special Pricing

  • i21 provides the flexibility to establish customer pricing while ensuring costs are in line with prices.
  • Pricing can be established by the customer, by product, or class of product.
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and other manual price-tracking methods.

Import Rack Pricing

  • Import rack pricing directly from the vendor, saving you time and guarding your margins.
  • i21 interfaces directly with Axxis, DTN, Chevron, BP, Marathon, and more.
  • Feed Rack Pricing directly into Special Pricing to quickly calculate customer price based on rack.

Eliminate Freight Calculation Errors

  • i21 makes sure you can recoup your freight costs while remaining competitive whether you own your trucks or contract haulers.
  • Calculate freight based on amount, miles, or rate and establish minimum gallon requirements.
  • Create separate freight bills as well as pending payables.

Tax Reporting

Time and Labor Savings

i21's tax reporting system offers significant labor savings. Federal, state, local, sales, and excise taxes are all handled in a simplified, inter-connected process. With i21, you can do in minutes what now takes days to do by hand.

Multi-State Tax Calculation

i21 will account for all inbound taxes, outbound taxes, splash-blending, multi-state taxes, and tax exemptions. If you pick up fuel in one state, splash-blend it, and sell it in another state, i21 can quickly sort out how much tax is owed each state and if exemptions can be applied.

Real-Time Tax Calculation

Tax schedules are stored in the system with exemptions noted by the customer, product or class. Whenever relevant transactions are made, stored tax information is referenced and tracked through the system in real-time.

Electronic Filing

Submitting your taxes has never been easier! i21 prints out all the necessary tax documents, and, if your state requires, submits them electronically. That data is then stored so when audits occur; the information can be quickly and easily reviewed.

Inventory Tracking

  • i21 ensures proper in-truck inventory valuation and makes the appropriate AP and GL accounting entries.
  • Split loads, disperse to one or more customers, transfer inventory to consigned locations, and disperse remaining fuel to bulk plants.
  • Even account for Splash-blends and additives.
  • No matter how you decide to distribute your fuel, i21 remains in-step ensuring you can account for every gallon and every cent.
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